Enveloping light 

Array Collection design by Umut Yamac

Exploring textile in volumetric lighting   

Array is an exploration of thread and its potential to create lightweight and dynamic sculptures of light. Composed of an array of fine threads pulled taut between two rings, the collection presents a variety of conical and cylindrical silhouettes that can be combined together to form a compelling installation.

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The collection incorporates three different heights in various shapes, the largest of which extends to nearly two metres in height and 124 cm in diameter.

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Deconstructing light


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Flamingo Mini collection design by Antoni Arola

Exploring the perception of lightness through deconstruction

Flamingo Mini’s delicate, deconstructed silhouette expresses a sense of extreme lightness. As elegant as the bird that inspired it, the fixture hovers overhead, casting diffuse gradations of soothing light through a synthesis of translucent diffusers.

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Flamingo Mini

Its small-scale silhouette makes it the ideal solution for low ceiling applications and residential properties where the Flamingo is perhaps too large.


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Array Collection

Flamingo Mini collection


Combining soft downlighting with an alluring upwards glow, Array produces a spectacular gradient effect as it interacts with the tone and texture of the threads.

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